What Rackspace Cloud Sucks At? Customers Vote at Rackspace Feedback

Rackspace Cloud has a very nice and cozy small forum for all their customers and users to submit and vote for ideas and feedback, such as features they want but are currently not available, or improvements / fixes that need to be done to make the cloud a better product.

Check out the feedback forum here: http://feedback.rackspace.com/

You can read through all the ideas and requests as well as the comments to get an idea of what Rackspace Cloud is like and how it is doing in the eyes of their current customers and users. How the company is responding to these invaluable input is also an important factor in deciding to go with them or not.

A great move by Rackspace.

A neat suggestion for protecting a cloud server

I suggest that you enable an option for a cloud server that will protect it from deletion by accident. I realize that you want cloud servers to be flexible and easy to create, but it would be good to also be able to protect a valuable server from deletion or rebuilding.

I know that it takes more than one click to delete or rebuild a server, but I still think that many of us would prefer to have several more steps involved before our server could be deleted or rebuilt. Steps that include making a phone call or opening a ticket, not just a couple of clicks in the Cloud Control.

I’m suggesting some kind of optional “lock” that would disable the delete and rebuild buttons on certain servers.