Rackspace Email Marketing (spamming) – Direct to Your Clients

I discovered this week, that my customers (entered as clients in Cloud Sites control panel) – are being added to Rackspace’s general email marketing list.

I also discovered this in April

Both times I have been told it was a mistake and won’t happen again… but it did – and might again?

So beware, if you enter a client into cloud sites, they may get email marketing directly from Rackspace. Actually, they will get spam – since it is unsolicited bulk email.

My clients know that they are hosting with Rackspace – via me as a reseller – which I think made the messages that much more confusing to them. They get a message from a vaguely familiar sender (that they associate with me) – which contains (in their mind) – a bunch of confusing information about cloud this and cloud that.

One confused customer called and said – “What is this email? I thought I paid you so I didn’t have to worry about or understand this “cloud” nonsense”

This is not reseller friendly behavior.

=========== Answer 1 ===========

I have verified with a couple of customers and you are right, they are receiving Rackspace Newslletter.

One of them forwarded me an email received on August 22.

My customers also know we are Rackspace resellers but it is not good that they receive communications directly from Rackspace.