Direct to Rackspace server?

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I registered at my old webhost.

Then bought a Rackspace Cloud server.

I have the IP address of the Cloud server.

How can I redirect to the Cloud server?

Is the change to be done over at Rackspace Cloud management?

Or is it to be done over at the old webhost, where the domain “currently resides”?

A combination of both?

From what I have been able to research, I need to setup an ‘A’ record for

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New to this… and still trying to figure out basic stuff.

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=========== Answer 1 ===========

Well, I was reading a little bit more, and apparently, I posted this in the wrong forum sub-section.

It shouldn’t be in Cloud Sites, it should be in Cloud Servers I believe.

=========== Answer 2 ===========

When you enter a url into a web browser a series of requests happen that, ideally, result in your web browser receiving an IP address. Your web browser is not the only way, or the only application, interested in this information.

From a command line you can perform the same set of requests and receive the same, theoretically, information:




 Non-authoritative answer:











 ; <<>> DiG 9.7.3 <<>>

 ;; global options: +cmd

 ;; Got answer:

 ;; ->>HEADER<

I say “theoretically” because this information is dependent on how you have your localhost configured to perform lookups and how those DNS servers are configured as well.

The bottom line is that, when your domain was hosted at another provider, the information returned by these lookups matched that provider. Now that you’ve changed to Rackspace (welcome!) that information needs to change too.

One option is to have your previous provider maintain your domain record for you but change the IP address listed to match your new Rackspace cloud server.

Another option is to have your previous provider remove the record entirely and leverage Rackspace DNS services to maintain the record going forward.

=========== Answer 3 ===========

Uh, I don’t know what that was all about, the easy answer is:

1. Login to your domain registrar (wherever you purchased the site).

2. Find or ask for help to get to your DNS management section.

3. Change the A record (primary DNS record for your domain, and not the CNAME record(s), MX (email) or anything else) to point to the IP address of your Cloud Server.

Done May have to wait up to a day or so for DNS changes to propagate throughout the internets…

New knowledgebase article needed: DNS

Here’s my story as a new customer:

1. Joined Rackspace after considering costs and sales rep chat
2. Made a server
3. Installed PHP + apache by following KB articles
4. Made a simple website
5. Made a cron job by following KB article
6. Bought a .com domain
7. ***Tried to set up the DNS records***
{ contacted support multiple times }

points 1 to 6 took ~3 hours 

point 7 has taken 2 days because the information I needed was not easily available 

What needs to be in the tutorial/article

It must start from the viewpoint of … “if I need to do task X, what records do I need to change?”

E.g. “I bought a new domain – how do I point it to my rackspace server?

1) I bought from godaddy.

2) I need to give godaddy the DNS addresses and

3) Then I need to add a domain into Hosting–>Cloud Servers–>yourserver–>DNS… and ensure the following records are added:


4) Check that the DNS information has spread around the globe:
(thanks to support staff for this link!)

I hope this information could help someone else out who is the same position as me!

P.S. The reason it took so long was that all websites suggest that DNS can take up to 2 days to update. When I contacted rackspace support staff they were very helpful in adding the first ‘A’ record, however the 2nd, and 3rd staff did not realise I needed and wanted a www. ‘A’ entry, which was the cause of my “problem”.