Expire a video?

I’m looking for a feature, not sure if it’s readily available in Rackspace… Can we expire a video after certain period of time, meaning video still exists (not removed) in the container but needs to re-access it if it expired.

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Sounds like you’re looking for a video streaming service which has specific publication features. Cloud Files (and there’s a forum specifically for Cloud Files here as well) is just for storing files, you would have to build your own web site or web service to have that kind of feature built on top of and using Cloud Files. Try www.bitsontherun.com – they have a free tier that you might be able to make use of. (I am not affiliated with them.)


=========== Answer 2 ===========

In cyberduck, select the video

go to Get Info

Go to Distribution (CDN)

Drag bottom of requester

This reveals an Invalidate Button

Click it to “remove selected files from distribution cache)

You can upload a file of the same name if you like but there is a lag while the change propagates.

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