CDN streaming URL not working


I use Java API to produce container streaming URL, and browse the video at
I got the error at browser:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #183.67bef5cc.1338391493.3c9fb6d0

Any clue?
Thanks for the help!


I got an error having added stream to the url and was advised by Matteo to leave out the .stream. part works fine without.

Leave out .stream. works for me, but should we use it for streaming a video? I’m confused what’s the difference with or without .stream. ?

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  1. I had this issue and I contacted rackspace support about the streaming url not working.

    Apparently the stream url is for use with products such as but for streaming over http then the HTTP url is the one to be used.

    So yes, removing the .stream. is the correct thing to do.

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